The importance of a table

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

After getting a new table for my room, my world has changed.

Bedroom view

What changes

It's hard to understand what a table can do for you, it supports everything you put on it, your computer, your books, your pen, etc. In the end we do not recognize its full importance. When we use a table, we are mostly learning something, stimulating our brains, and going through various challenges in our lives, such as writing to the girl you love or rehearsing to ask the boss for a raise. The possibilities are numerous.

It is on a table that we study, create our dreams and reality.

So everything can change, when I mean everything I mean your destiny, what you will be doing in the future, because what you create in your imagination placeholder will be what you will be able to achieve, that unmeasurable gain, which only you can understand, remember it was on a table that you most likely learned to read and write.

The table

Right now I'm writing for this blog, but I could be developing an innovative formula or a new product. Planning a future for me or my family, making a meteoric impact on the world with my efforts, on people's lives. It's interesting to think about this for a moment and suddenly find that I can be anything I want when I take a moment to think, imagine and dream.

Life stages

At the end, in every single stage of our lives, we are using a table for some reason, to eat a nice meal, to write a successful book, or to study for an important test and get that life-changing certificate.

We're not alone, and there will always be someone using a table at the same time you are using one, so it's one of the few things we all share together and will always do.

When is a table not used?

The answer is never, unless you live in the bush like a Tarzan and have a different culture from the civilized world, nothing against it, but you wouldn't be reading me if you weren't part of this civilized world I refer, the likelihood of you never having used a table in your life is practically nil.

Use your desk and remember, it was, it is and it will be part of your entire life.

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