Living in Taiwan

I work and live in Taiwan since 2010, 9 years have passed since then.

Taipei at night in Xinyi district

Here in Taipei it's 11:43 p.m.

What is it like to live in Taiwan?

Well, Asian culture is quite different from Western culture and many people have a hard time adapting to the new place, but I can say that it varies from person to person; and it will depend on how you react to other environments and the unknown.

Food is one of the biggest difficulties in the beginning, because the spices used are different and the appearance of what you are used to eating is not the same, so there is a lot of prejudice before eating and you almost always wonder what it is when placing the food inside your mouth, ah, it's a dog, isn't it? Just kidding, in Taiwan you don't eat dogs, I've never seen an advertise about it, and I've never look after to find out if there's any place you can eat, I wouldn't try anyway.


I have a degree in production engineering, but currently I no longer work in production or factories as I have done in the past, you can see more details on what and where I am working on my LinkedIn profile, followed by the link below, but I work with technical support for clients, every day I answer more than 40 customers with the most varied questions, it is not an easy job, because every each one of them wants priority and does not want to know if there are others who are also waiting for assistance. I am also a manager of a support team, so I have other tasks to perform, such as bug analysis that is encountered by other team members and performance reports aimed at improving the service.

LinkedIn to Felipe Leiva

What is required to work and live in Taiwan?

For a foreigner or 外國人 (wàiguó rén) to be able to work in Taiwan, in 2010 it was necessary to have worked at least 5 years in the area of your major, a local company should issue the letter of invitation to hire you and have your diploma with authenticated translation in English from an official authority. Only through this way could apply for a work permit and subsequently with that, the residence visa application, called ARC - Alien Resident Certificate with expiration date equal to the end date of employment contract.

After 5 years living and working in Taiwan, you could apply for a permanent residence visa called APRC - Alien Permanent Resident Certificate and without expiration date.

Everything I described is really simplified, because there are other details that will be found along the way, but if you are interested, I will refer below some websites in English for more details and you will have to read a lot to find out the answers.

Workforce Deployment Agency

National Immigration Agency

In case you want any help, have some curiosities and want to know more, please email me when you wish and I will be more than happy to reply you back.

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