Halloween in Taipei

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

This weekend will be the last of October for 2019.

What happens in Taipei

In Tianmu district, the kids take the streets for the traditional trick or treat, so all dressed up and accompanied by their parents, asking for their sweets to the people of the neighborhood, prepare your candy jar to not be attacked by the little angels.

2018 Picture

For adults the fun is at night, people walk the streets in costume, it is a free show worth checking out, around 10 pm, you can meet people dressed up, and having fun with their creativity and originality. You can always ask to take pictures with strangers, but don't be too scared!

Where to find fun

Some bars will be decorated in character, such as the ABV Bar & Kitchen, one of the best options to find the most varied beers in the world in Taipei. It is located on Guangfu South Road, lane 260, number 39 at Daan District.

ABV Bar & Kitchen Entrance 2019

In Ximen district, the Red House always hosts the event called Resurrection.

Halloween 2014 in Brass Monkey

In Xinyi district, near Att4Fun, people are always walking around in costume and waiting in line to get in some of the clubs there. Many night clubs will have Halloween themed, so it worth checking out and preparing your costume for fun.

Evil nurse costume 2018

You will find people dressed in a very authentic way, like Spock from Star Trek.

Spock costume 2018

Don't miss the opportunity to go out to see the show in the city.

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