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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

It all started in January 2018, when I wrote down my New Year's Resolution to read only 7 books.

The books

The habit of reading

It was not; and it is not easy to start reading. The vast majority of people in the world barely read one book a year, so imagine a 365 pages book and ask to read only 1 page a day, would you? No doubt, you would!

How many of us can read and write? The statistics shown on google say this number represented 86% of the world population in 2015, a huge leap from 1820, when only 12% of the world's people on that year could read and write.

Classic reading - Sherlock Holmes


To start reading, I set my timer to 15 minutes every time I was reading, so I gradually challenged myself to read for just that period every day and follow my resolution to read 7 books that year, but I confess, I started reading on February and not on January. A few months that year I had not read a single page.

I didn't give up and in August I had completed reading the 7 books, how wonderful!

But it was still 4 months to end the year, so I didn't stop reading and read 16 books in 2018! Yes, from an annual average of zero book per year to 16 books by magic. Then it is possible!

Learning something for life - "dare to lead"

Why read a book?

The correct question is; What advantage does a person who can read have over a person who cannot read if he or she does not read any book at all? The answer is none!

Reading is not just looking at words, but comprehending and understanding them. The knowledge gained from reading a book is immeasurable and only with reading does our brain grow and develop, because a drug of knowledge has not yet been invented, where you become wise just by swallowing a pill.

October 2019, reading my 20th book of the year, "The Millionarie Fastlane" from MJ De Marco.

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